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Our Vision is to be a medical regulatory body that will ensure professional practice among doctors and healthcare institutions in the interest of patient safety.

Communication from The Chairperson ( 22nd October, 2018 )

Notification of End of Tenure for the South Sudan General Medical Council (SSGMC)

Reference to the terms of service as set out in the SSGMC Act of 2014 (Chapter II, article 11), the tenure of membership of Council of the current council chair, deputy chair and members comes to an end on the 17th October, 2018 after the lapse of 4 years in office. We have notified the Council of Ministers through the ‘Concerned Minister’ of the same as required by the South Sudan Provisional Constitution and the SSGMC Act. Although the Chairperson of the Council as well as other members may be eligible for another tenure, the Chair respectfully requests that the Council of Ministers considers not renewing his tenure as his location outside Juba, compounded by the lack of a secretariat has not been conducive for the smooth running of the day to day council functions.

The annual report of the SSGMC for 2018 will be available for submission to the Council of Ministers, circulation to the relevant ministries and organisations, and posting on the SSGMC website before the end of tenure. We would also like to take this opportunity to reiterate that in the absence of a secretariat to run the day to day duties of the SSGMC, the council functions will come to a stand-still unless immediate action is taken to ensure there is continuity when the present council membership steps down. We have in the last 4 years endeavored with limited success to run this key national organization from our private offices and places of work sometimes using personal resources with some support from a few health care partners. Despite the mentioned constraints, the SSGMC has managed to register 50% of all the doctors on the ministry of health payroll plus a significant number from the private sector to date. We would like to appeal to anyone who has not registered to date to do so at the earliest opportunity as it is illegal to practice medicine without being registered by the council. Information on all the registered doctors in South Sudan is now uploaded and available on the website for easy access by employers, health care professionals, the public, academic institutions and regulators all over the world. The SSGMC has also joined regional and International regulatory authourities and participated in 7 regional and international conferences since establishment.

As we end our term of service, we are appealing to the Council of Ministers to endeavor to establish a secretariat for the incoming council as it is near to impossible to run such a large and busy organization without one effectively and efficiently. Hopefully, with the improving economy and security, the SSGMC will see better days under the new team of incoming council members. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Council of Ministers for retaining our organization under its umbrella through the difficult economic times our country has been going through. We are sure things would have been different under more favourable circumstances and we wish you all the best with the new team.

Prof. John Adwok
South Sudan General Medical Council

I am delighted to announce that the South Sudan General Medical Council (SSGMC) finally has a website that will be the hub of all its activities and communication with the profession, public and patients. The tentative launch date has been set around the first week of October, 2015. Acquisition of modern information and communication technology remained a priority in our short term strategic plans and we have focused consistently in our ten months of existence to achieve this goal. We are truly grateful to our partners from IFC–HIA Initiative, a subsidiary of the World Bank, who sponsored the whole project and patiently nudged us in the right direction to arrive at this important milestone. We are now certainly in a better position to set standards for medical, dental and pharmaceutical practice in South Sudan. Doctors and healthcare institutions will from now onwards be able to access and download application forms as well as communicate with the council through the website. (more…)

Events Calendar

Date 2nd. February, 2018 Venue Panorama Hotel, Juba. Time 12 PM to 4 PM
First Quarter South Sudan General Medical Council meeting
The Board of the South Sudan General Medical Council (SSGMC), wishes to announce that it has formally applied and been accepted to join the ASSOCIATION OF MEDICAL COUNCILS OF AFRICA (AMCOA) at the 19th annual Conference which was held at Sarova Whitesands Beach Resort and Spa from the 31st August to 4th September 2015. AMCOA comprises of the following 16 countries-Botswana,Ghana,Kenya,Lesotho,Malawi,Mauritius,Nambia,Rwanda,Sierra Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe regulatory boards of which the South General Medical Council becomes the 17th Member. The Association of Medical Councils of Africa (AMCOA) is an Association of Medical Regulatory Authorities in Africa. The primary purpose of the association is to support medical regulatory authorities in Africa in the protection of the public interest by promoting high standards of medical education, registration and regulation, and facilitating the ongoing exchange of information among medical regulatory authorities. The association further exists to provide guidance to healthcare professional registered by member states with a view to ensure the provision of quality healthcare by the way of guidelines on various aspect of healthcare delivery such as setting standards for education and training, ethics guidelines , encouraging Continuous Professional Development (CPD) among others. Theme of the 19th Annual conference was on “Licensure for Medical and Dental Practice” with sub themes of,
  • Fitness to practice.
  • Certificate of status as best practice.
  • Mutual recognition and reciprocal licensing.
  • Continuous Professional Development.
  • Licensure of foreign trained medical and dental practitioners.

Chairman’s Speech—SSGMC LAUNCH 4th Nov. 2015
Minister of Cabinet Affairs, Hon, Dr. Martin Elia Lomoro Central Equatoria Governor, represented by Felix Lado, State Minister of Health. Ms. Nicole Klingen – Practice Manager, Health Nutrition and Population, World Bank Group Prof. Khama Rogo – Lead Health Specialist /Head, Health in Africa Initiative, World Bank Group Dr. Bernard Olayo, Policy Officer/Program Lead, Health in Africa Initiative, South Sudan Representative of the Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Riak Gai All protocol observed Dear Colleagues, Ladies and gentlemen, On behalf of the members and staff of the SSGMC, I welcome and thank you all for making time to attend this belated but important ceremony. It is no secret that things have not been going well for us in the health care and other sectors especially in recent years, often due to factors beyond our control. Suffering in all its forms has never kept us down as we are a tenacious and resilient people who adapt to whatever conditions we find ourselves in including some of the worst health indicators in the world. We have proven our tenacity and resilience again and again in our long history of strife as we suffered silently and managed to smile, sing and even dance in the midstt of all the misery. Rain clouds might gather in our skies and the sun disappears from view but, if we look carefully, there is always that silver lining in the clouds— a sure sign that day light will follow when the storm passes. We are a young nation and our tribulations will certainly come to an end one day as the storm will certainly pass. We are here today to officially launch the SSGMC website and formalise its activities. We all hope its formation will help ease our suffering by ensuring that we are treated by competent and safe medical practitioners in safe health care institutions. (more…)

We are very grateful to all our members and partners for the successful closure of the year 2016. Please download our 2016 Report from the Link below. For more inquiries please send us to info.ssgmc@gmail.com SSGMC: South Sudan General Medical Council - 2016 - Final Report (1536 downloads)