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About Us


Who We Are

The South Sudan General Medical Council (SSGMC) is an autonomous body responsible for the registration and regulation of medical, dental and pharmaceutical professions as well as regulation of health institutions and services in the country. It was established through the SSGMC Provisional Order, 2014 issued by H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan on the 10th of April, 2014. The 18 members of the board were eventually sworn in seven months later in November of the same year.

The SSGMC registers and licences Medical Doctors,Dentists and Pharmacists in both Public and Private sectors.It also licences Medical instutions, Hospitals, Nursing Homes,Clinics,Teaching Hospitals.

What we Do

The SSGMC performs the following functions,

  • Licencing and Registration of Medical Doctors/Dentists and Pharmacists.
  • Licencing and Registration of Medical Institutions including Hospitals,Nursing Homes,Clinics etc
  • Licencing and Registration of Teaching and Referal Hospitals.
  • Licencing and Registration of Internship Training institutions.
  • Licencing and Registration of centres Medical Education Training.
  • Handle Complaints from the public about Medical Practitioners, Dentists and Pharmacists.
  • Handle Complaints from the public about Medical Institutions.


Our vision is to be a regulatory body that will ensure professional practice among doctors and healthcare institutions in the interest of patient safety.



Our mission is to ensure high standards of education, training and practice among doctors, by providing oversight to medical training and licensing of healthcare providers and practitioners.


  • We maintain efficient, transparent and professional regulatory services that guarantee respect for the public and uphold the dignity of doctors.
  • We set standards for the treatment of patients with fairness and equitably.
  • We encourage excellence and innovation in institutions that we regulate.
  • We make independent, informed and objective decisions for which we are accountable.
  • We strive to enhance trust between patients, doctors and the medical council.