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The offices of the SSGMC are currently located at the Ministry Of Health building situated at the Ministerial complex in Juba.

For you to register a complaint against a Medical Doctor/Pharmacist or Dentist you will need to fill out our complaint form that is found on our website or pick one from our offices at MOH Juba. Once the SSGMC receives the filled complaint form the Council will process it and then form a panel to hear the complaint and the replying rebuttal by the concerned Medical Doctor/Dentist or Pharmacist. The council will then decide on a course of action of which you will be fully informed. The SSGMC cannot

  • consider complaints about other professions e.g. nurses

  • give you a detailed explanation of what happened to you – this can only come from the doctor or the Medical institution that treated you.

  • order a doctor/pharmacist or dentist to provide the treatment you want

  • help you with a claim for compensation

  • fine a doctor/pharmacist or dentist

  • order a doctor/pharmacist or dentist to give you access to your records

  • make a doctor/pharmacist or dentist apologise to you

  • take action where you disagree with a doctor’s conclusions in a medical report

  • order a doctor/pharmacist or dentist to add you to or reinstate you to their practice’s list of patients

  • make a doctor/pharmacist or dentist change the fees/price of drugs or medical equipment they are charging for private treatment.

We will need the following:

  • The name of the doctor who you wish to make a complaint about.

  • The date (or approximate date) that the incident (or incidents) that you wish to report took place.

  • Details of the incident – for example,

    • Where the incident (or incidents) happened?

    • What you feel that the doctor has done wrong?

    • What happened to you as a result of the doctor’s actions?

  • If you have already complained to another organisation such as your local surgery or hospital, it will help us if you can provide details of who you complained to and what the outcome was

This information will be filled onto the Complaint form (which you can pick from our offices or download from our website).

(Information not currently available Please check later)

The Conditions and guidelines for registration of Medical Doctors/Pharmacist and Dentists are found at the following link Conditions and Guidelines for Registration (Section: 32)

Yes you are required to register with the SSGMC on arrival. The details of the process of registration are found at :Requirements of Provisional Registration of Non-Sudanese Professionals Coming to Work in South Sudan

When you graduate you will be eligible to apply for a preliminary registration which will enable you to register and do your internship in one of the accredited internship training centers. The application forms for Preliminary registration are obtained from our offices at the Ministry of Health or you can download them from the SSGMC website.

The law currently allows only the registration of Medical Doctors/Pharmacist and Dentists . Please check with your respective Professional Association about the latest information on your registration.

No you cannot. You will only be able to download the application forms from the website and then fill then in, but you have to hand over your application forms personally at the SSGMC offices at the MOH Building at the Ministerial Complex Juba.

No you are not exempted, but the board will consider each case on its own merit. The SSGMC council may require you to redo an internship in South Sudan at a specified institution.

The law currently does not require Medical /Pharmacy or Dental Students to register, but the SSGMC requires all Medical Students to be listed in their records to facilitate the process of registration upon qualification from Medical/Pharmacy/Dental School. The appropriate forms will be found in the download section of the SSGMC website.

Yes it is possible to check the registration status of a medical personnel from the Website under this link: Click Here